Agroel is dedicated to offering the finest products and services in the fresh produce industry. We specialize in climate control systems for potato, fruit and vegetable storage warehouses. Our company was established in 1994 by Václav Mydlil, and since then we have gained an excellent reputation not only in the Czech Republic, but also in many other European countries where we export our products – at present these include Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Austria and Rumania.

Our Products and Services

  • We will draw up a technical project solution for your storage and prepare a budget price free of charge. We will propose the best approach to meet your needs.
  • We supply air treatment equipment and solutions for all kinds of produce storages. We supply control systems, integrated mixing chambers, fans, control hatches, electric actuators, refrigeration, humidification, heating, etc..
  • We guarantee the construction of new storage warehouses as well as the reconstruction or adaptation of existing storage facilities.
  • We guarantee supplies of post-harvest and processing technology lines as well as other storage and processing related equipment.
  • Browse our website to get an overview of our products, solutions and services. Please contact us to get more information or to arrange a personal consultation.



Agroel s.r.o.
9. května 299
294 41 Dobrovice


Agroel s.r.o.
Úherce 135
294 41 Dobrovice
tel.: +420 326 398 517
fax: 326 398 504