Control Systems

A storage facility cannot be efficiently operated without a proper control system. A control system continuously monitors temperature, humidity and other conditions in a storage facility and in the outside environment. Depending on the selected mode of operation, it carries out various commands to the air treatment equipment.Agroel has developed and manufactures its own control systems that optimise the operation of ventilation, refrigeration, humidification, and other equipment and guarantees the best quality of your produce. We have always utilised the newest microprocessor technology and the latest knowledge in the field of agricultural produce storage. At the same time, we continually strive to make our control systems easy to use. Our customers confirm that we have been successful. Agroel control systems are designed with respect to maximum safety; therefore, they include triple protection of some crucial parts. These systems are also equipped with a self-diagnostics feature, which in practice means that a storage operator is immediately informed if a problem occurs with the air treatment equipment or in the control system itself.

SPJ-Net SmartStorage Control System

  • Enables automatic control of one storage unit
  • The latest Agroel product with many new features
  • Designed as a DIN-bar snap-on module so it fits any switchboard panel
  • 15 sensor inputs can be configured as required for a specific storage type. The inputs can be configured for the connection of the following sensors:
  • Product (Crop) temperature sensors
  • Double duct temperature sensors with sensor malfunction diagnostics for accurate supply air temperature measuring
  • Outdoor temperature sensors
  • Outdoor-air relative humidity sensors
  • Outdoor-air relative humidity sensors
  • Bioimpedance sensors (monitoring of surface moisture on stored product)
  • Carbon dioxide sensor
  • Cooling circuit pressure sensors

Configurable outputs:

  • Fans for forward and reverse air circulation. Fan speed (RPM) can be controlled by the SPJ-Net System if frequency-converters are used.
  • Actuators for the control of inlet and outlet hatches (doors). The position sensor sends information about the actual position of hatches.
  • Connections for the refrigeration, evaporator de-icing, humidification and heating equipment
  • Self-diagnostics features
  • Many operation modes – see below
  • Password protection of important functions



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