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Ventilátory Agroel AGE

Agroel AGE Fans

  • Powerful and efficient axial fans suitable for bulk and pallet storages
  • The fan’s body is made of sturdy polypropylene and is guaranteed to have a long and trouble-free operation lifespan in the conditions of a humid storage environment. The impeller hub is made of an aluminium alloy; the blades are made of a special plastic reinforced with fibreglass. The direction of air circulation can be adjusted during the assembly by the orientation of blades in the impeller hub. A protective grid is mounted to the intake side, and optionally it can also be mounted on the outlet side.
  • Agroel AGE fans enable reversing for standard and reversed air flow
  • Fans can be equipped with a shut-off hatch

Agroel Inlet and Outlet Hatches (Doors)

Agroel ventilation hatches can be used both as inlet hatches (they mix recirculated indoor and outdoor air) and as outlet hatches (they allow warm air to leave a storage area).

  • The frames of ventilation hatches are made of plastic with 3 chambers. They have excellent insulation qualities. The frames are reinforced inside with galvanized steel frames. This unique solution provides exceptional protection against hatches freezing to the frames.
  • The plastic-framed hatches are substantially more resistant to temperature changes and high relative humidity in comparison with wooden hatches. Efficient double rubber insulation ensures tightness even in extreme weather conditions
  • Hatches are equipped with polyurethane freon-free thermopanels. Thermopanels are covered on both sides with profiled, galvanized and painted metal sheets.
  • Hatches are usually equipped with louvers to protect the storage against rain and sunlight. Louvers are made of durable zinc-plated sheet metal.
  • Agroel hatches are specially made to order in various dimensions and colour finishes to match your exact specifications.



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